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Pre-register for Birthright this winter. This is a FREE 10-day trip to Israel. Make sure you’re doing it with the Chabad at UofM crew! Guaranteed to be one of the best trips of your life! Click here for more information.

IsraeLinks is a unique program offering an in depth exploration of our Jewish heritage — Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. Click here for more information.

Located in the heart of Jerusalem, offers a highly academic Judaic Studies curriculum taught by dynamic staff in a welcoming atmosphere. Mayanot offers annual, semester, winter, summer and post Taglit-Birthright Israel study programs for women and men ages 20 and over. Click here for more information.

The Onward IsraeLinks program combines the legendary educational and traveling experience of IsraeLinks with a real life, real Israel, resume-building internship in Jerusalem. Click here for more information.

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